Fra Inner Sea
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Chelaxian flag
Alignment Lawful evil
Hovedstad Egorian
Hersker Queen Abrogail II
Styreform Imperial bureaucracy of noble families
Innbyggernavn Chelaxians
Adjective Chelish
Språk Common, Infernal
Religioner Abadar, Asmodeus, Erastil, Iomedae, Zon-Kuthon

Aroden’s death threw Cheliax into an uproar. The Starfall Doctrine stated unequivocally that the god would come to replace the Emperor of Cheliax in 4606 ar and usher in a reign of peace. Instead, Aroden’s demise opened a void of political and religious power into which the nobles of Cheliax rushed. For more than 30 years, civil war raged until at last the House of Thrune produced its ultimate weapon: an alliance with Hell. When the church of Asmodeus became part of the official government bureaucracy, many of its provinces rebelled rather than serve Hell—Andoran and Galt revolted, and Korvosa and Sargava became independent.[1]

Despite these setbacks, Cheliax remains one of the most powerful nations on Golarion. Its Imperial Navy controls the entrance to the Inner Sea, and its traders reach across the lands of the known world to bring back exotic items and rarities. The Chelish nobility are treacherous and manipulative, as one might expect diabolists to be, always maneuvering for position in the eyes of the Thrune court.[1]

The state-sponsored worship of Asmodeus ensures that citizens voice their subservience to Hell, though their true allegiance might lie elsewhere. Chelaxians have become untrusting and insular, and sell each other to Asmodean inquisitors or the Hellknights without a moment’s hesitation. Cheliax enforces an absolute discipline of law and order, and what would be considered vices in other countries are merely highly taxed businesses here.[1]


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