Fra Inner Sea
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Flag of Druma
Alignment Lawful neutral
Hovedstad Kerse
Hersker High Prophet Kelldor
Styreform Mercantile Oligarchy
Innbyggernavn Drumans or Drumes
Adjective Drumish or Druman
Språk Common, Dwarven
Religioner Abadar, Torag, Prophecies of Kalistrade

The isolated hill country of Druma holds the most productive gem and precious metal mines in Avistan, making its leaders—religious adherents of the mercantile Prophecies of Kalistrade—wealthy beyond imagining, just as their prophecies foretold over 2,000 years ago. In Druma, money isn’t everything—it’s the only thing.[1]

The dwarves, once active in Druma, are turning inward, leaving human Kalistocrats increasingly in charge of the country. The leaders of the country are only part-time bureaucrats in the Resplendent Bureaucracy of Druma, but they are full-time plutocrats. Only the less wealthy serve the bureaucracy full time, but they do so only in order to increase their personal wealth. Many refugees from Druma’s more dangerous neighbors come here to try to make a career for themselves, but their lack of material wealth cements them into lower social strata. Many seek to better their station by joining Druma’s military, the Mercenary League. The ubiquitous “Blackjackets” escort Drumish caravans and trade delegations, and patrol the Inner Sea to protect their masters’ interests. Their only mission is to ensure that Drumish prosperity increases—and thus that the bonuses they are paid increase as well.[1]

The faithful of Kalistrade tolerate nonbelievers, but wear elbow-length white gloves to avoid contact with them. Nonbelievers never advance far in the bureaucracy, no matter what their other merits may be, and adherents of the Prophecies always favor each other in financial dealings.[1]


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