Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Chaotic neutral
Hovedstad Isarn
Hersker Citizen Goss
Styreform Revolutionary anarchy
Innbyggernavn Galtans
Adjective Galtan
Språk Common, Hallit
Religioner Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Erastil, Iomedae, Norgorber, Shelyn

Galt’s history is full of philosophers, artists, and other culture-changers whose creations have impacted the world. That history is falling by the wayside, however, one bloody stroke at a time. The Red Revolution began shortly after the House of thrune took control of Cheliax. Rather than submit to the diabolists, Galtan philosophers began to undermine the pillars of the divine right of kingship. The words of Hosetter and Jubannich inflamed the populace and inspired rebellion; the people overthrew the Chelaxians and created the Revolutionary Council in order to build a new land. The first things they built, however, were the final blades, horrifying devices that brought swift, humane justice— and perverted Galt’s love of life into a love of blood.[1]

Now, rather than securing a reliable government, this blood-soaked land has seen over a dozen governments in 60 years, each more fragile and brutal than the last. The grand hopes of the Red Revolution have degenerated into the anarchy of the Eternal Revolution, fed by Chelish agents and the descendants of the noble families that fled at the start of the Revolution. The only constants in Galt now are change itself, and the unending hunger of the final blades.[1]

Galt is no safe place for strangers, and those who dare to enter this blood-soaked land to plunder the priceless treasures of the now-gone aristocracy must be sure to protect themselves from the roving mobs seeking to water the fields of anarchy.[1]


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