Fra Inner Sea
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Titles Kingdom of the Impossible
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Hovedstad Niswan
Hersker Thakur Kharswan
Styreform Colonial Princely State
Innbyggernavn Jalmeri
Adjective Jalmeri
Språk Vudrani
Religioner Irori, Nethys, various Vudran religions

An island off the coast of Nex, Jalmeray is the westernmost of the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra. Here, genies serve humans in massive gold and marble palaces, indoor fountains circulate wine instead of water, and sprawling but perfectly symmetrical monasteries of Irori instruct hundreds of skilled monks. To visitors from other Inner Sea nations, everything in Jalmeray seems much larger and far grander.[1]

The Jalmeri are expert binders of genies and other elemental creatures, and they have wrought a fabulous series of monuments and monasteries on this island, which was gifted to the Vudrani maharaja Khiben-Sald by the archmage Nex 4,000 years ago. The greatest monasteries are called the Houses of Perfection, where students learn to hone their minds and bodes with a rigorous discipline. Any who can pass a series of challenges are invited to study with them, but the challenges are daunting: would-be students must race a djinni, wrestle a shaitan, and outwit an efreeti. But even those who fail to gain entry into these monasteries may still study at one of the lesser schools, provided they have shown some skill or talent in the fighting arts.[1]

While few outsiders really understand the strange arts taught in Jalmeray, the even stranger folk of the Impossible Kingdom have won the respect—if not the trust—of other Inner Sea nations, and the island is largely at peace with its neighbors.[1]


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