Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Neutral
Hovedstad Katapesh
Hersker The Pactmasters of Katapesh
Styreform Anarchic plutocracy
Adjective Katapeshi
Språk Common, Kelish, Osiriani, Vudrani, Tien
Religioner Abadar, Irori, Nethys, Sarenrae

It is said that in Katapesh a buyer can find anything her heart desires—anything at all. While Absalom may be the center of Inner Sea civilization, Katapesh is the beating heart of Golarion’s trade routes. Anything, from the mundane to the bizarre, can be bought or sold in the stalls, stores, and streets of Katapesh’s bustling capital. The trade policies of Katapesh—or rather, lack of any prohibitions on trade—allow the city to offer delights unavailable anywhere else on Golarion, such as the narcotic pesh. Even more illicit contraband can be found in the Nightstalls market: poisons, diseases, smuggled relics, forbidden magics, and more. Katapesh is also a bustling slave city, and the Eagle Knights of Andoran make it their business to harass slavers traveling to and from Katapesh.[1]

Most of Katapesh’s deserts and savannas are still untamed, and barbaric gnoll tribes range the plains in search of slaves to sell in the bazaars of the city—where, oddly, they are welcomed, though outside the city the gnolls are despised.[1]

Power rests firmly in the hands of the mysterious Pactmasters, inhuman creatures swathed in flowing veils and robes that conceal every inch of their 7-foot-tall frames. These plutocrats impose few laws, but those they do are enforced by the metal Aluum, golems powered by the souls of elderly slaves.[1]


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