Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Lawful good
Hovedstad Vigil
Hersker Watcher-Lord Ulthun II
Styreform Military Dictatorship
Språk Common, Varisian
Religioner Gorum, Iomedae

Founded to watch over the Whispering Tyrant’s remains in Gallowspire, Lastwall is a bulwark against the greatest evil mankind has known, as well as against the everpresent threats of the orcs of Belkzen and the undead terrors of Ustalav. The primary duty of the crusaders who hold Vigil is to ensure that the seals on the Tyrant’s tomb remain inviolate, and they are always seeking recruits to help protect the settlements of Lastwall—and by extension, central Avistan—from the roving monsters that spill out of the Hungry Mountains.[1]

Lastwall’s people are a hardy folk. Although they live in the shadow of great evils, they are warm and friendly to outsiders, especially those who have come to help hold the line. In recent years, the number of knights-errant and glory seekers visiting Lastwall has greatly diminished, due in large part to the call to arms in Mendev against the teeming hordes of demons that infest the Worldwound. Many in Vigil grow concerned that they might not have the strength to hold off the orcs of Belkzen for much longer.[1]

The high spires of Castle Overwatch in Vigil afford a commanding view of the blood-soaked westward plains on the Belkzen frontier, as well as the mist-shrouded highlands of Ustalav to the north. The horsemasters of Vigil breed and train mighty destriers and swift coursers, and the stables around Vigil are known for the quality of their bloodlines. Vigil also hosts the Crusader War College, where crusader tacticians have worked to best marshal their magical and military resources to defeat their numerically superior enemies.[1]


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