Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Lawful good
Hovedstad Nerosyan
Hersker Crusader Queen Galfrey
Styreform Monarchy
Innbyggernavn Mendevian(s)
Adjective Mendevian
Språk Taldane, Hallit
Religioner Iomedae

Mendev is a place of duality: a shining bastion of law and goodness positioned hard up against the Worldwound—a burgeoning sinkhole of evil that threatens all of creation. It is a land of pilgrims, crusaders, opportunistic rogues, and a simmering clash of cultures from south and north. Descended from Iobarian exiles and ne’er-do-wells, Mendev of old was home to more than a few Issian pirates. Friend and ally to lost Sarkoris, it was otherwise seen as a small and inconsequential kingdom. Everything changed with the death of Aroden, when tales of demonic monstrosities spewing from the distant north spread throughout Avistan at the beginning of the last century. These tales of terror launched the Mendevian Crusades, now on their fourth iteration.[1]

Foreigners engaged in the holy wars against the Worldwound now outnumber the native people of Mendev, who have been pushed aside and treated as an underclass. In theory, these crusaders follow the righteous Queen Galfrey, Sword of Iomedae, a Mendev-born Chelish duchess trained in Brevoy’s Aldori battle arts. In practice, mercenaries and professional soldiers now outnumber the pilgrims, and many crusaders remain focused on rooting out demonic influence in the Iobarian underclass or taking their liberties at the point of the sword.[1]

All the while, slowly but surely, the reality-bending chaos of the Worldwound consumes more of the world, spreading its malign influence ever southward. Sooner or later, Mendev’s wardstones will fail, and unless checked again, the Worldwound will eventually encompass all of Avistan.[1]


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