Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Lawful neutral
Hovedstad Canorate
Hersker Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas
Styreform Military Oligarchy
Innbyggernavn Molthuni
Adjective Molthuni
Språk Common, Varisian
Religioner Abadar, Erastil, Iomedae

The frontier colony of Molthune was the first province to declare independence from Cheliax. Others, like Galt and Andoran, quickly followed suit. The leaders of Molthune’s rebellion lacked the strength and guile to hold their new land together, however, and so pieces of it were lost, with most forming the nation of Nirmathas. Nirmathas is a thorn in the side of Molthune, and the General Lords of Molthune are bent on reclaiming the Fangwood from their neighbor.[1]

The military is the dominant social structure of Molthune. City dwellers are considered Imperial Citizens; laborers are not. While many laborers resent their position, others take pride in their work, seeing it as one part of a greater whole that allows Molthune to maintain its proud traditions while forging a new, independent future. Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas recently proclaimed that any laborer can become a Citizen by serving in the armies of Molthune for a 5-year period.[1]

Ancient law and tradition, tempered by military pragmatism, define most aspects of life and conduct in Molthune. Some wonder that anything gets done under such a system, but once activated, the Molthuni Imperial Army moves with stunning agility, speed, and force. Although overwhelmingly human and primarily of Chelish descent, the Imperial Army easily absorbs foreigners, and even monstrous troops, so long as they follow orders. Hobgoblins, centaurs, nagas, and lawful lycanthropes are all proud, valued Molthuni soldiers in their specialized units.[1]


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