Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Neutral
Hersker The Council of Three and Nine
Styreform Bureaucracy
Språk Common, Kelish, Osiriani, Vudrani
Religioner Abadar, Calistria, Irori, Lamashtu, Nethys, Norgorber, Pharasma

Nex boasts the most cosmopolitan cities of Garund’s east coast, such as its capital of Quantium, which rivals the extravagance of Oppara in Taldor or Sothis in Osirion. Monumental palaces and spires crowd Quantium’s chaotic streets, which wind past hanging gardens, open-air mazes, and bustling souks. The crumbling statues of Nex and the ancient heroes who traveled with him and forged his kingdom look out upon the city’s roofs and balconies, a constant reminder of the man who made Quantium and the surrounding land his own.[1]

Territorial ambitions in the south brought Nex into conflict with the necromancer Geb, inheritor of a rich magic tradition tied to a lost colony of ancient Osirion. The two fought disastrous wars over centuries, which largely ended when Nex vanished in the midst of a Gebbite attack that choked the air with poisonous fog. The ancient war with Geb left an eternal stain upon Nex and its culture, but open warfare faded into reluctant trade centuries ago, and these days Nex imports most of its foodstuffs from Gebbite plantations worked by zombie slaves.[1]

Society in Nex centers around Quantium, as it has for countless centuries. The city attracts a wide assortment of inhabitants, from ambitious wizards to summoned outsiders to merchants from Druma, Jalmeray, Vudra, and even Tian Xia. The city thrives upon its diversity of thought, trade, and influence and shows little tolerance for xenophobes. A creature considered a monster or worse in the ports of the Inner Sea is merely a citizen in Nex.[1]


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