Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Lawful evil
Hovedstad Pangolais
Hersker The Umbral Court
Styreform Militaristic theocracy
Adjective Nidalese
Språk Common, Shadowtongue, Varisian
Religioner Asmodeus, Desna, Zon-Kuthon

If Cheliax is haunted by devils, Nidal is haunted by shadows. When Earthfall rocked Golarion, the warrior clans of ancient Nidal cried out for the protection of their long-forgotten gods, but instead attracted the dubious attentions of the shadow god Zon-Kuthon. He offered them protection in exchange for their unquestioning obedience for eternity. Facing extinction with the blotting out of the sun, the proud horse-lords of Nidal relented, ensuring the nation’s survival but enshackling itself to the Midnight Lord forever.[1]

Opposition to Nidal’s Umbral Court means death, and citizens swiftly defer to the orders of even the most minor of their lords. Some of the most powerful members of the aristocracy include the Black Triune of Pangolais; the dark druid Eloiander of Ridwan; and the persuasive sorcerer Kholas, adviser to Queen Abrogail II in Cheliax. As the diabolical majestrix relies more and more heavily upon the grim power of Nidal to maintain her rule, those who whisper in the shadows of the Uskwood quietly prepare to make slaves of their one-time masters.[1]

In the north, hidden agents of the goddess Desna toil ceaselessly to undo the dark works of Zon-Kuthon’s faithful. Worship of Desna is a hushed, illegal practice, carried out beneath the open stars. If the humble priests and priestesses of the Song of the Spheres can somehow break the stranglehold of the Umbral Court, it is hoped that the Midnight Lord himself might be swept back into his prison in the Great Beyond.[1]


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