Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Chaotic good
Hovedstad Tamran
Hersker Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk
Styreform Meritocracy
Innbyggernavn Nirmathi
Adjective Nirmathi
Språk Taldane, Varisian
Religioner Erastil, Gorum, Iomedae

When Molthune broke away from Cheliax, it claimed all of the Fangwood as far as Lastwall, but the woodsmen, trappers, and fisherfolk soon realized that the new mandates from the regional capital at Canorate simply changed the flow of exploitation from one city to another. Resentment flared as the promise of a new era collapsed, and a minor guerilla war erupted into revolution, led by the trapper Irgal Nirmath. When he fell to an assassin, his followers named the territory Nirmathas in his honor.[1]

Molthune has repeatedly invaded its wayward province, and every time, its armies have retreated after pyrrhic campaigns against foes who refuse to stand still or stay down. Every Nirmathi considers herself an army of one, with every household and village an independent company. While they usually respond to the Forest Marshal’s call to battle, disparate groups of Nirmathi often ignore battle plans in favor of their own ideas. These bands often spend as much time feuding with rivals as stymieing Molthuni incursions. Their efforts are like hacking at limbs without touching the root of the problem—amid these individual acts of heroism, the Nirmathi as a whole struggle to do more than survive.[1]

Everything in Nirmathas is mediated by the ideals of freedom, self-sufficiency, and liberty above all else. Even the best ideas are ignored or rejected if there is the faintest hint of compulsion. To infringe upon individual rights and freedoms is to invite blood feud. The partisans of Nirmathas have learned well how to survive. Whether they can succeed in forming a nation remains to be seen.[1]


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