Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Neutral
Hovedstad Katheer
Hersker Satrap Xerbystes II
Styreform Satrapy of the Keleshite Empire
Innbyggernavn Qadirans
Adjective Qadiran
Språk Kelish
Religioner Irori, Nethys, Pharasma, Rovagug, Sarenrae, elemental lords

An ancient kingdom of arid deserts and exotic cities, Qadira is the westernmost satrap state of the Padishah Empire of Kelesh. It thrives on trade but longs for war. Qadira is not the wealthiest of lands in the Keleshite empire, but even its frontier cities possess marvels that much of Avistan can only wonder at, from its peacocks and flowering trees to its animated siege engines and enchanted sandships—able to sail above the dunes and powered by elemental winds—that cross the desert sands.[1]

The Qadiran fleets are well-armed and well-maintained. No frontier kingdom can neglect its defenses, and Qadira’s wooden wall of ships is its first line of defense in the west. Its ogre raiders, flying carpet scouts, and camel cavalry are defenses in the north and east against Taldor and various desert giants, bandits, and night-prowling ghuls. Dozens of abandoned towers, fortresses, and even cities litter the northern border of Qadira, each the breeding ground of monsters and bandits.[1]

The capital of Katheer is a place like no other, full of every spice, race, and form of magic, and home to the largest population of camels beyond the Kelesh homelands to the east. The palace of Xerbystes II stands here, as do dozens of academies of mathematics, philosophy, and history. In the schools and bazaars, the activity is great, and many foreign scholars frequent Katheer’s libraries. The busiest places of all, though, are the camel pens and the port, where ships sail daily to Quantium, Katapesh, and Absalom.[1]


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