Fra Inner Sea
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Alignment Neutral
Hovedstad Oppara
Hersker Grand Prince Stavian III
Styreform Decayed bureaucratic empire
Innbyggernavn Taldans
Adjective Taldan
Språk Common (Taldane), Kelish
Religioner Abadar, Aroden, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Norgorber, Sarenrae, Shelyn

Once the greatest empire of Avistan, Taldor has settled into a slow spiral of decadence and decline, watching its greatest achievements wash away in the currents of history. The first half of the Age of Enthronement was the Golden Age of Imperial Taldor. In its heyday, Taldor stretched from the World’s Edge Mountains to the Arch of Aroden on the shores of the Arcadian Ocean, including Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Isger, Lastwall, Molthune, and the River Kingdoms in its empire. But Qadira invaded Taldor in 4079 ar, and though Taldor successfully repelled the Qadiri invasion, it lost most of its colonial holdings—including Andoran, Galt, and Isger—to the nascent Empire of Cheliax. Taldor’s imperial ambitions were shattered, never to recover.[1]

Now, clinging to a pretense of high society and avant-garde culture, Taldan society is shortsighted, degenerate, and moribund. Thousands of noble houses constantly jockey for position and control of the various departments of the nation’s Byzantine bureaucracy. Greed and distrust characterize Taldan politics, and betrayal and assassination are the preferred methods for the aristocracy to increase their stations.[1]

Taldor’s influence continues to wane, as it has for some time, yet, many of the nations that now rule Avistan were once a part of its great empire. Without Taldor, they themselves would not have existed, and the proud Taldans know this.[1]


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