Fra Inner Sea
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Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar)
Størrelse Liten
Environment Any evil plane

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 272

This creature is a blackened, bat-winged fiend's head. Tentacles dangle from chin and scalp, and its fanged mouth hangs agape.


Poison (Su)
Bite—injury; save Fort; frequency once; effect damage caused by bite can only be healed with magic if the spellcaster succeeds on a DC 20 caster level check; cure 1 save. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Shriek (Su)
Instead of biting, a vargouille can open its distended mouth to shriek. Those within range who hear the shriek and can clearly see the creature must succeed on a Fortitude save or be paralyzed for a number of rounds or until the monster attacks them, goes out of range, or leaves their sight. The save DC is Constitution-based.