Fra Inner Sea
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Varisia's symbol
Alignment Neutral
Hovedstad None
Hersker None
Styreform Unaffiliated city-states
Innbyggernavn Varisians
Adjective Varisian
Språk Common, Shoanti, Varisian
Religioner Abadar, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Lamashtu, Norgorber, Pharasma, Urgathoa, Zon-Kuthon

Once the seat of the Thassilonian Empire, this land was brought low by Earthfall and remained wild for thousands of years, inhabited only by barbarian tribes known as the Shoanti and the nomadic Varisian survivors of Thassilon’s fall. In 4405 ar, Chelish soldiers drove the warlike Shoanti into the rugged regions to the northeast, while colonists adopted a tenuous peace with the native Varisians. It was at this time that the ancient frontier came to be known as Varisia.[1]

Although no central government controls Varisia, three city-states have emerged, each of which could someday claim control over the region: Korvosa, a city of Chelish loyalists ruled by a monarchy but cleaving close to Cheliax; cosmopolitan Magnimar, where with enough luck and skill, anyone can rise to a place of power; and dangerous Riddleport, a city of crime lords and academics studying the remnants of Thassilon’s artifacts.[1]

Varisia remains a true wilderness. Along the coastal reaches, hundreds of goblin tribes dwell in sea caves and thistle-thick woodlands. Farther inland, ogres and trolls hold court on rugged mountaintops and in deep forest glens. Yet the true lords of the wildlands are the giants, descended from the slave castes of ancient Thassilon, and their periodic raids against humanity make for constant and brutal reminders that this realm is far from tame.[1]


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